Concept of Social Bookmarking

Every online business must implement some forms of internet marketing in order to maintain their strong online presence in search engine result pages. Social bookmarking is one of the effective forms of internet marketing that you must employ to boost your search results. There are millions of social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, etc. that allow their users to store and save their favorite web pages in their accounts. These websites also enable their users to share their desired web pages with their contacts and friends.

It is obvious that people will share those pages that have interesting, unique and engaging content with their friends. This raise a wide opportunity for business websites to own an account in such social bookmarking sites and to upload an interesting and informative content in order to grab attention of their customers. This is the simple, but effective concept of social bookmarking that helps your business to gain huge attention via sharing your website pages.

Our strategies for providing efficient bookmarking services

We are a team of expert SEO executives who are having excellent knowledge about all the forms of internet marketing. Our strategies of social bookmarking service are designed to spread the word about your brand or service. We are able to generate immediate traffic for your website by maintaining strong presence of your company on social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pin interest and many others. We own smart SEOs who manually drop your website links in different social bookmarking sites. These links help us to build your website rank in search engine.

Importance of social bookmarking for your website

Social bookmarking websites are having vast importance in search engine’s ranking process. They are one of the most important factors that are considered by search engines in their SERPs. Search engines rank their websites in accord with the popularity. Websites that are listed on high page rank social bookmarking websites must receive high attention from search engine. Hence, they improve their rankings on their search engine result pages. Thus, in order to gain huge importance of search engines, it is necessary for your website to get listed in such high page rank sites. And for this, you need professional services of talented SEO executives.

What we do?

We are in this business since last three years. We are having expert SEOs who are having a minimum experience of six months. With positive intention, we are serving our clients with our effective and efficient internet marketing services including social bookmarking service. We guarantee our services as we do all the submissions manually without using any software.


Social bookmarking is a service which enables the user to add and manage the bookmarks of web pages. It makes the task of saving reference sites much easier and more accessible. Thousands of social bookmarking sites allow their users to share and save their desired web pages.

Social bookmarking sites are used by millions of people around the world which renders increasing traffic for gaining attention. By bookmarking quality and informative content in such sites, you can enable millions of people to save and share your web pages with their friends.

We are pioneer in providing different types of SEO service to our potential clients since many years. Our SEOs are trained to reach maximum people with limited time period. Without using any tool, all the social bookmarking is done manually in order to provide better results.

Yes, you can check the status of your website as we provide a detailed report on your submissions. Our report includes all the details of the submissions with a link of the final bookmarked URL. You can also have an option to download the report on an Excel sheet.

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